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STEM Scholarship Program

STEM Scholarship Program is designed to support promising female students with demonstrated financial needs. It is a 6-month program and open to sophomore students pursuing one of the STEM disciplines at the National University of Mongolia. The Scholarship benefits include partial tuition, intensive English language course, digital learning tool and personal development opportunities. Within framework of the program, in collaboration with the National University of Mongolia, we also organize Summer Coding Camp for high school girls from underserved neighborhood to stimulate their interest into STEM through engaging real-life coding experience.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with prestigious educational institutions in Mongolia namely The National University of Mongolia, the oldest leading university and Santis Educational Services - a pioneer in ESL education in the country - which is accredited by the CEA.


More info on Eligibility Requirements and Scholarship Guidelines for 2022-2023

For registration click here /CLOSED/

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