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What We Do

To achieve our mission, we run various leadership and STEM programs geared toward women and girls from underserved community.

Asian girls studying in group

STEM Scholarship Program supports promising female students with demonstrated financial needs and stimulates girls' interest in STEM through engaging summer coding camps.


WE Experts series enables us to exchange of information, expertise and skills to connect, deepen our knowledge and help others reach their goals.

Charity Donation

WE Club promotes networking, personal development and volunteering opportunities to impact women's lives in a meaningful way.


Resources for Newcomers is an online information corner for Mongolian immigrants in the United States. It is run by our volunteers and interns.


Our Gen Z girls host "Bridge Between Us" podcasts and create vlogs to inspire Mongolian youth living in the U.S. and abroad. 

Coworkers Working Together

We offer internship opportunities for valuable knowledge and experience through various hands-on projects and social events. 

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