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"Every Child is An Artist" Bilingual Children's Magazine Project

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

November 30, 2020

"Every Child is An Artist" - a children's fun educational Magazine Project is for the kids, of the kids, by the kids. This hands-on art project is designed to spark creativity and stimulate girls' interest in STEM through collaborative and practical projects which enable them to apply their learning to real life.

The Project incorporates the following 4 components:

  1. Children's Annual Art Contest: Our goal is to create opportunities for children from underserved communities to showcase their talent and to provide them with a platform where they can express their voices through art.

  2. STEAM Classes: Graphic design, Creative arts & English language/Creative writing are offered by qualified instructors for 30 girls from underserved communities.

  3. Magazine Graphic Design & Content Writing: Under supervision of their instructors, the girls will apply their knowledge and skills to design magazine pages using the selected artwork from the Art Contest.

  4. Promotion & Celebration: In an effort to honor young artists and to celebrate the magazine teamwork, we promote their artworks in various ways:

  • Embellished with fun educational facts and youth voices, the "Every Child Is an Artist" magazine will feature 60 selected artworks from Children's Art Contests.

  • "Magazine Signing" event - not only contest winners will be proudly signing the magazines, but also the Magazine Teams (content writers, graphic designers and translators) will all be recognized in person at the event.

  • Merchandizing at Bonfire. All proceeds go the Magazine Project and STEM Scholarship for girls.

"Every Child is an Artist" Magazine is designed and authored by the kids, for the kids.

The magazine will be published in English and Mongolian.

(sample pages and design ideas are shown below)

Your support will help us publish 1000 copies of the "Every Child is An Artist" Magazine and offset program fees for the 3-month STEAM Program, as well as the "Magazine Signing" family event.

In 2019, our first Children's Art Contest was organized among the children at "Big Family" Children's Palace, the oldest and the largest orphanage in Mongolia. If you would like to support our art events and projects, please email us at

Please enjoy "I Have a Dream" Online Art Gallery 2019 - the masterpieces of Mongolian children!

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