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Girls Empowerment Program​

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

November 24, 2020

Help underprivileged girls in Mongolia to overcome barriers so they can get better education and improve their lives.

Women Empowerment Mongolia (WE Mongolia) is partnering with the Mongolian Girls "Bekhi" Association which is 100% led and run by girls aged 12-22. This organization’s only mission is to help other girls to reach their full potential.

Our two organizations are collaborating on a joint “Girls for Girls” Empowerment program. The program will offer a welcoming environment where girls meet other girls building a strong community while engaging in fun-filled educational and cultural events facilitated by experienced educators and professionals. It also gives them access to peer role models who can act as mentors. In addition to vocational training, the girls will learn essential social and emotional skills; public speaking skills, healthy friendships; self-esteem, legal knowledge and how to amplify their voices for themselves and others.

We support three groups of girls: 1) those who have been victims of gender-based violence, 2) high-achieving girls from poor families, and 3) girls without access to trade skills. Girls who are not necessarily victims of abuse may also need support to reach their potential. Due to lack of resources, girls from poor families, even highly achieving girls, are less likely to get accepted into colleges. The third group of girls we would like to help is a group of girls who would like to learn sewing skills so they will be ready to start earning money for living after graduating high school.

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