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COVID-19: "No Act of Kindness is Too Small" Face Mask Campaign Continues in Mongolia (Part - 2)

Updated: May 11, 2023

"No Act of Kindness is Too Small" charity mask campaign is making a difference one at a time in the community. In addition to vulnerable target groups, our team strives to support the frontline workers (healthcare providers, immigration & border inspectors etc.) who are at higher risk of getting contracted the #COVID-2019 while delivering services.

On February 14th, handmade #facemasks with replaceable #carbonfilter inserts were donated to the Songino-Khairkhan Districts Children Hospital #Ulaanbaatar, #Mongolia.

We value #partnership and heavily rely on our generous #volunteers to achieve our #humanitarian goals. A heartfelt appreciation goes to our generous Volunteers and the "Women Development Center" which runs #community #outreachprograms for the vulnerable women including low-income, single moms, physically challenged, elderly and victims of violence.

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